I tried all of these webcams so you don’t have to. What webcam is best?

I tried a bunch of different webcams to see what was best. Watch the video to see examples; continue reading for additional tips and links.

Tips for finding a good webcam:
1) Decide if you want fixed focus or autofocus. If a webcam does not explicitly say it is autofocus, it is probably not. I recommend autofocus.
2) Make sure the resolution is at least 1080p for video an 5mp or more for photos. That does not mean it will be good but anything less than that almost definitely will not be good.
3) Know if you need a decent mic or not. If you do need a mic make sure you see a review of the webcam with someone talking into the mic or the webcam before getting it.
4) Not all computer GPUs are created equal. Some webcams might work good on some computers but not others. Good webcams will work well on basically all computers.
5) Consider using or buying an action camera for a webcam. They usually have better sensors and are often a similar price. Plus… they work as an action cam!

Here are all of the different webcams I tried:
Logitech BRIO (http://amzn.to/3ntDwGy)
This was the best webcam I tested. The video quality is very good as is the audio quality. It is widescreen by default but this can be fixed when you download the software.

LogitechC920 (http://amzn.to/39bFXZ6)
This webcam has good video but poor audio. If you have your own mic or your computer mic is decent, this is the webcam that I would recommend. For the price it probably has the best video quality.

Insta360 One R (http://amzn.to/3nyFeX0)
Honestly, this would be my number one recommendation. Not because it is the best webcam but because it is an awesome action camera and has great hardware and a great sensor. The ability for this to be used as a webcam is VERY new so you can expect this to get better than it already is.

SooCoo Action Camera (http://amzn.to/38uzUQo – SooCoo is no longer for sale… this link is for a very similar camera)
I was actually really impressed with the image quality for this. It was Logitech level quality. Main drawback here is that there was a slight video delay to the audio.

eMeet C960 (http://amzn.to/39jDqfh)
This worked well on both computers. Overall video quality is quite good. Audio is also good. Decent price as well. Only drawback for me is that it is wide-angle. Not a fan. Overall, this was probably the best generic brand webcams I tested.

Looka 4K (http://amzn.to/3bnyF7e)
This was pink can choppy on one of my computers but on my other computer this was one of the best. The quality is good and the mic is actually pretty good as well.

YoLuke 1080p Auto-Focus (http://amzn.to/3mQfXs3)
This worked quite well. Audio is not good but not horrible.

Vitade 960A 1080p (http://amzn.to/2FZEjz3)
Video quality is pretty good but had flickering issues on one of my computers. Audio is impressively good. Has its own light. Pretty good option but a bit pricier.

Anivia 1080p HD Webcam W8 (http://amzn.to/3j1dokG)
Both video and audio are sub-par. Had flickering on one of my computers. Price is good but quality is not.

SriHome/Hongyifa Wide Angle (http://amzn.to/32ZtgyQ)
Not super great image quality but works on both of my computer. Audio quality is terrible.

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